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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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all files and documents to be submitted to the clerk items acted upon today will appear on the october 7, 2014, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise states. >> thank you very much item one. >> item one is supporting and encouraging the development to prohibit of the transportation of hazard materials. >> and commissioner renne is the author of item one and madam clerk i'm e i'd like to add my name as a co-sponsor. >> thank you very much colleagues thank you for hearing this important item today, the resolution you have a before you builds off the work by our department of transportation of the environment the commission on the environment as well as the port to advance policies that prohibit the transport of hazardous materials like crude oil those hazardous materials
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are a hazard to our environment and the shipment of the materials are increasing throughout the country concluding northern california and resulted in more than one million gallons of crude oil from cars in the last 4 decades while the media attention is on the real estate of the waterfront development our port has an xribl maritime potential a few months ago i was approached by advocates about the cargo facility specific that it might one day be used to transport o hazardous materials while our port and port commission has a leadership ability to guide us by
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consistently rejecting patrols from companies that are seeking to transport those materials through our terminals and as policymakers i see it as our job to insure this policy continues to be applied long after we're gone from this current leadership and long after the current leadership of the port has moved forward on it's no secret with the low income community of color like the bay area community has suffered will bear the brunt of this type of activity so this resolution is simple it simply requests that the city development develop a set of policies and regulations for the board of supervisors on how to continue to prohibit the transport of those hazardous
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materials both our city i don't believe that we have yet have all of the answers as to how to best go about doing this but i think it is important for this legislation body for the e city of san francisco to express a strong opposition about the strong opposition that the negative impact will have on those communities as well as our environment we have brad benson with us today where are you brad great he's a representative from the port that will provide the commending committee with a briefing for pier 96 to help prevent the transformation of those materials thank you brad for coming and good afternoon commissioner renne and
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supervisor wiener representing the ports executive director and commissioner johns we want to thank you this is about what kind of port the city of san francisco whats wants to have i have a short presentation about five minutes we've got the director of the environment here to speak if you could ask the clerk to present the power point okay. great so supervisor cohen we have the ports jurisdiction running from fisherman's wharf down to pier 96 the area we're talking about today is really the area shown
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in the white circle at the bottom of the slide pier 80 through 96 marine terminals i'll describe in a little bit more detail the port as diverse maritime lines in the southern waterfront we're handling bulk cargos at the auto piers 9 it through 96 terminals primarily focused around sand from the bay and aggregates men sent to patching companies located on the ports property part of a maritime and eco context we are developing we've introduced heads park and the wetlands and
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the city's recycle in the area we try to correlate businesses that used truck trips and the minimumtion of pollution in the area so the opportunity that we are currently considering for this area is an iron ore terminal a clean operation different from the petco oil terminals that the resolution is concerned with and we'll show that in a moment so first about cool supervisor cowen mentioned a fight over the cool environmentalists have been making sure they can fight the impacts of the fats coals is a
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major 2r0ir7b9 to green house gases and it's classified as a hazardous material coal dust is flammable when you development a terminal to handle this it has to be designed to electrical codes to handle the explosive rifksz and trains do so uncovered introducing dust to surrounding you community and in terms of israel requests complicated infrastructure whether or not tour exporting or importing oil it is an expensive infrastructure to contain the oil while waiting for executor or pending it's delivery inland this is not appropriate for san francisco the port of san francisco is surrounded by mixed
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use neighborhoods and introducing this kind of hazardous materials to the port is inappropriate petco to the port has not known about the petting go in the past it's handled by regional ports close to refineries in the area petco has hazard associated with coal it's highly flammable in the bottom left-hand side it is prone to dust there is piles of materials the wind is kicking up dust not the type of material for san francisco it is like coal on stare resides like the climate change is high
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in context and high in dirty fuel associated with climate change that is where we're looking at an iron ore terminal it's the last opportunity for all the other terminals are leased up on an annual basis why are we looking iron ore because we think there's a long-range market there's there's capacity out of the nevada mines it's exported to the far east for steel manufacturer this is when you decide that it is a long term market we're not southern this is a long term market and
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there's an citizens advisory committee we've got an iron ore not combustible not contributing to the seawall rise those are the things that the port prefers iron ore over the other comedies it can't be exposed to moufl it is particularly transported no covered cars and stored and conveyed to ship systems in a way that's covered as well so we are very concerned about dust at the port of san francisco we think this is a priority that can be moved without creating dust impacts on our community and facility designed this way can't be used
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to handle coal or petco it doesn't have the special electrical code provisions that are required for handling highly flammable or explosive materials so supervisor we're going to pursuing pursue a competitive bid and oil and petco will be dislauded and in terms of the environmental review with the planning department we proposed to perform sequa only on iron ore handling and not petco oil so no sequa cleaners to handle those we'll use our contract operator agreement to prohibit the oil for the term of the contract and the facility will be designed for iron ore and not designed for those other
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materials 0 we appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about the clean maritime activities and welcome our feedback thank you. >> thank you very much thanks brad it was good to hear that report another report. >> yes. debbie. >> hi debbie. >> good morning, supervisors good morning. thank you for this opportunity i want to put the context that the department of the environment started the conversation with the president of the commission and he's hear to talk about his role in that what our role has been since that point to continue the conversation to bring together the activists community and concerned citizens as well as the port this is a port jurisdictional area our purpose
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to bring in as many voices as possible we believe the solution that the port offered to you today and lulthd is a great step it's important to note that the documents that the port is putting together this contract language this sequa language can be used as a model for other jurisdictions that also want to have bulk facilities in their port areas but make sure those don't transition into coal or petco oil so the documents the work in san francisco we believe has relevance to be reciprocated throughout the west coast and furthermore, it gives us time to look at the legal possibility to further the statement beyond this this is a great first step and one the port is looking at.
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>> thank you very much let's see if the president josh why don't you speak. >> hi supervisors thank you very much for calling for the resolution josh for our sake serving on the commission of the environment our director debbie re, if you will, fell mentioned something we are happening and supervisor cohen there's nothing that is like the options of hearing like the supervisors at the board of supervisors is taken up the issues and i think the thing that is key in this really the port has been sdooement the type of leadership in putting together a proposal with respect to the 96 facility it still has some things we have
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to do to make that work but unprinted in the record to have dirty fuel is unpresented the fuel commission is about uplifting the leadership by the ports and the staff and jay hawk and jim malone people that have been saying no time and time again supervisor cohen you've helped to make this official starting with pier 96 it is environmental justice measure that the community will not be polluted with the handling of the transportation materials apart from the creating the type of green house gases and i know there is excitement we want to have the community and have workers and collaboration and we
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couldn't thank you enough for calling the hearing that got us to today and got us thinking as we work with you and the port to do something special it already is. >> thank you very much president. >> mr. chair you think we're ready for public comment. >> i don't have any public utilities speaker cards on item one so if there's anyone that wants to make public comment on item one please come up and we'll call you in the order so public comment will be two minutes. >> file them together a few weeks ago from the el cerrito so if i talk too much on the
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passengers you know based on the commissioner holy commissioner out to perform something everywhere better than a few pitching to the people not just a way to the christian or the other way but dawn itching and bud itching and the principle holy way study also want to talk about the holy study i'm not sure i appeared in court the richmond court municipal please. >> yeah. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors my name is jackie undermining the executive director of the institute in san francisco i'm here in support of the city's effort for a cleaner san francisco this summer i ran a
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youth k3wr0ish9 program with little youth for the properties along the southeast waterfront they learned much more about the way they look at cargo away way and illinois street we teach them to invest we can no longer be blind to the effects of the city i want to clawed the city and the do i hear a motion to approve the minutes? department of environment along with you supervisor cohen to lead the effort to prevent coal and other toxic substances to be transported through the point and this is an incredible opportunity to jaement our residents bay area has been exposed to toxins we want to
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rethink the way we use the land in our city and create a culture to prevent protect the future of our community thank you to the time and the department of environment and special supervisor cohen your awesome thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning my name is mr. hernandez i'm the organer and i'm here on the on behalf of the 5 thousand men and women in the industry many of whom will be employed at pierce 96 when it's built and thanks supervisor cohen for calling this hearing it gave us a chance to talk to the members about this project and it's proposed
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policy just several years ago we asked our members to support the new power plants to replace the plants we asked our members if they're interested to build a facility that could one day be used for coal our members are excited to build piers 96 but no to building power plants they say no to sorry i lost my place they said no to a facility that could one day be used to handle coal our members are very excited to - sorry for local 61 we'll not support materials that harm the community and environment i want
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to thank the department for your leadership and supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener and the labors local 2 61 laborers. >> thank you very much is there is there any additional public comment. >> yours sincerely, yes, i'm david grace i've been keeping track of the hazards in that hunters point shipyard and looking at the map i see it's no proximity there i'm not sure if there's studies with vast content and mixed with the hazard mat of the hunters point shipyard many people don't realize when the island become h-bomb testing happened they would bring the ships back to san francisco and sandblast off the chemicals all
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sorts of toxic chemicals the lead paint and the i tops a they'd have sheep and ginny pigs that would be quizzed to the bomb and dumps the carcasses in the bay it's not understanding the navy of the day never wanted to do a site study because they were afraid by doing core samples that the mixture of all of this radioactive and melted and slop was dumped into the shipyard would explode so they've not done an impact study so i'm unconcerned with the mixture of content maybe a full study from the navy before we
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start thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on this item. >> is there any additional public comment on item 1 seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor cowen. >> great. thank you very much i want to recognize the port for the department of the environment as well as the commission thank you for helping us to draft there and thanks for the community tourism calling out jamie and local 2 61 thank you for your support i don't want to ritual the points but stress the importance for this body so take a position on the issue and continue to work with the city departments to talking about r talk about the transport of materials into our city stiept i'd like to make a motion
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to send this forward with a with a positive recommendation. >> this is a motion with a with a positive recommendation and we'll take that without objection. >> oh, thank you very much for the positive recommendation i want to thank supervisor avalos for emphasis sponsoring as well. >> madam clerk call item 2. >> item 2 is airbnb an ordinance to amend the unit. >> thank you supervisor avalos is the to author and mr. pollack. >> jeremy protective aid supervisor avalos couldn't be here he had the bay area district meeting happening now this is clean up legislation to the legislation the board approved last year dealing with the demolition and mergers to bring the controls more in line with the policies that had o have a strong prevention for the
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housing, however, that draft was passed they said it could have been inadvertently a protection of the hotels to student housing so this ordinance is to insure that all conversions of residential hotels will be continued to be governed by the chapter code that is stronger than the other mergers and conversions that are under side planning code so two years ago it was approved and emily rogers is here and whether this ordinance had anything to do with the conversions and we checked with the city attorney and this is interrelated to the short-term rentals and the
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conversions of hotels continue to be in place if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them or i was going to speak with ms. rogers so further clarify the ordinance. >> thank you, mr. pollack if no questions we'll proceeded to public comment unless the department has comments. >> good morning, committee members this is how a change that was made at a hearing can turn out out to have is policy implications and in this case the planning commission and the board assumed they were making the policies strong this change with have removed 50s from the planning code that is converted to student housing and so we do appreciate the amendment that
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will fix the error and recommend or not unanimously but 6 to one vote for the board to make this amendment today. >> thank you, very much. i have two comment cards (calling names) you can come up - i'm sorry, i called two names please step back the two names i called are either of them here? okay they're not anyone else else want to make public comment >> good morning scott wiener nice to see you again, this monday morning i have a question regarding the relations for the governors as mr. president, i
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can't get an answer so suppose what about the elections this november. >> please proceed with our public comment. >> i don't hear i what about the re-election this november alongside with supervisor malia cohen. >> please proceed with our public comment you have two comments. >> are you going to have a re-election this november for the supervisors term? i know there's a re-election but what about you? >> are you done with our public comment. >> thank you is there any additional public comment on item 2. >> seeing none, public comment is closed okay supervisor cohen could i have a motion to forward
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this to the full board with with a positive recommendation. >> yes. >> we'll take that without objection. that will be the order madam clerk will you please call item 3. >> item 3 is an ordinance amending the planning code with the short-term rental rentals and establishing the application fee. >> so we held a hearing on item 3 two weeks ago we made a few all the times and continued 20 for two weeks we're reassuming it today and president chiu is the author of item 3 i understand he'll be here moment will i here he is there are several amendments that maybe offered and take action or not take action after. so president chiu would you like
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to make any introductory remarks >> thank you, colleagues foyer your consideration again of our proposal i want to take another moment and thank everyone every everyone a it's in been involved in the last couple of years and particularly the last couple of months from tenant and landlords the hotel community and neighborhood advocates, the human resources community and the department of building inspection and the city attorney all of the commissioners of various department as well my aid amy chang let me start with a couple of preliminary comments everyone in this room in this chamber agrees that the status quo is not working when it comes to short-term rentals in san francisco we need a regulatory and


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